Ronnie’s Reunion in Hong Kong

As the Real Housewives of Toronto comes to a close, as does Fittingly, our first follower, friend, and favorite Real Housewife gets the last word. Live from Hong Kong, Ronnie Negus weighs in on reality and reunions.

“I’ve been to Hong Kong many times”, says Negus. “I love this part of the world.”

“I’m here with friends from England,” says the RHOV. “I used to live in London. Both my sons went to school there. We still have strong ties and connections to our UK contingent.”

“A group of us are traveling to Vietnam this afternoon for a friend’s 60th birthday,” she shares. “We are staying at The Nam Hai, Hoi An Four Seasons. We’ll also visit Ho Chi Minh.”

Good Morning Viet Nam !! 🇻🇳🇻🇳

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Back at home, the Vancouverite supports Real Housewives of Toronto. “I watched most of RHOT. I got to episode 7 right before the girls went to Spain. I need to catch up on the last three episodes upon my return.”

Wishing The Real Housewives of #Toronto All the Best… With Love From All of Us…. #RHOV Cast Seasons 1 & 2 ~

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Rumors about the RHOT reunion are abuzz. Ronnie says she would watch… then weighs in. “There was nothing satisfying about doing the reunion for me. Filming the reunion after my daughter Remington nearly died was too much for me. I was physically present but it was the furthest place I would have rather been. However, I do think reunions are essential to discuss things fans don’t see and to express our feelings to other cast members.”

Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver

Despite rumors of reluctance, Kara Alloway wants the RHOT reunion. The sole survivor of social media backlash and rejection wants “the truth“.

“Not on my watch.”

The RHOV shares her opinion on “the truth” vs. reality. “Real Housewives of Vancouver was a novelty for me. It didn’t depict the real me. I was drinking when we filmed so I’m glad that could help with the ratings,” laughs Ronnie.”But there is so much more the fans didn’t see.”

Did Negus help reunion ratings? A $6000 Emilio Pucci gown and Christian Dior heels certainly augmented her appearance… as did her tears and honesty.

“When tragedy strikes your life in such a profound way it puts things into perspective very quickly,” says the mother of four. “Bickering and all of the nonsense is unimportant.”

Since filming Real Housewives of Vancouver, Negus has appeared on HGTV, GlobalTV, and ETCanada. In true Ronnie fashion, she leaves fans and the RHOT cast with wisdom:

“I have always told my children, go out into the world and do well. Be your best. Advocate for the things that are dear to your heart. Help others and leave this world a better place.”

“Peace from the East.”

And at we say, “Thank you, RHOT and RHOV. It’s been a Slice.”

We Stand On Guard for (S)he

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With a frost warning from Environment Canada, we thought Toronto couldn’t get any cooler. Enter CTV’s Ben Mulroney and wife Jessica. The power couple opened up to about gender roles in parenting.

A male student at Canada’s female university, had a special interest in the Mulroney’s expectations of a girl.

“I’m a boy… I loved Barbies and pink. My mom didn’t see that one coming,” says “Would you be just as happy if she were playing with trucks in the mud?”

Mrs. Mulroney says, “Yes, I play with trucks with her too and it brings me as much joy. The mud, not so much.”

Husband Ben is just as playful. “She also loves Iron Man, The Hulk, and Batman,” shares the etalk host. “She watches Moana in the morning and Superman in the afternoon. For the record, so do I.”

“Cartoons just aren’t the same as they were in the eighties,” says “We want a She-Ra reboot,” Ben agrees.

In a home with twin boys, a little girl must learn to play both roles. Sharing toys and pop-culture is not only easy on the wallet, it’s easy on the inventory and tidying. It also allows a child the opportunity to imagine and explore their interests at an early age. Mulroneys make me proud to be Canadian.

Last year we saw parents in the US protest Trump’s policies on transgender washrooms. Locally, the opposite was happening. ABC News featured the Canadian high school football team that welcomed its first transgender player. I am not transgender nor am I labeling others. From my own personal experience, I can say that growing up without borders made me a happier child and more secure in who I am today.

Athena X-clusive: RHOS Reunion & RHOT on Arena

Photo by Arena TV

The Athena X of today took lifetimes to create, but just seconds to answer our call.

Athena X Levendi and Lisa Oldfield formed an alliance on Real Housewives of Sydney and remain close today. “Would love to do an interview but I’m swamped at the moment,” says Oldfield, the corporate queen of RHOSydney. BFF Levendi steps in.

Levendi delivers her own style of drama and dresses, usually doused in someone’s drink before the episode is over. Where they sling champagne, we spill the tea. Athena X spills it all to with her take on the RHOSydney Reunion, co-star Victoria Rees, and RHOToronto.

Singapore Sling has a whole new meaning thanks to the #RHOS! 🙈

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The explosive season finale of RHOS has us imploding for next week’s reunion on ArenaTV. With everyone’s safety in mind, champagne and glassware is noticeably absent from the preview. Levendi says, “The reunion was very controlled and very passive-aggressive.”

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This season we watched Athena X and Victoria go at it from day one. Personality clash is an understatement. In Athena X’s first scene she meditates. In Victoria’s opening scene she says, “I’m dying for a drink. I had vodka for dinner… less calories than a banana.” No surprise she ends the season on a similar note.

“Victoria was intoxicated,” spills Levendi. “…and I didn’t like how it played out.”

“She’s better for a funeral,” says Oldfield.

Levendi buries it with a spiritual note, “It’s in the past for me now. Namaste.”

On Instagram live last Friday, Athena X was undecided if she would return for a second season. “The show didn’t capture the real Athena X,” she says. “I’m secure in who I am and don’t need any more misperceptions.”

The unspoken and eighth Real Housewife of Sydney is Shelly (Lisa’s 10ft Copperhead Python). Should any of the ladies leave the show, Shelly makes the perfect replacement. Levendi suggests Shelly’s tagline: “I have no spine, but I speak my mind.”

In other reunion news, the Real Housewives of Toronto’s season finale is just around the corner. Rumor has it the reunion will be an individual interview for each of the ladies. However, they’re bringing the Canadian thunder to down under. RHOT’s Roxy Earle is excited to build her international fan base in Australia.

Athena X Levendi says, “I guess I will watch it. Go Canada! Hope it’s as sassy as RHOS.”

Real Housewives of Toronto airs Sunday, May 21 on Arena TV in Australia.

Keeping Up With Kara (pt 2)

As Alloway and I took our seats at the Four Seasons, a familiar sound filled the air. It was Amy Winehouse’s “Our Day Will Come” from the album Lioness. Kara Alloway is indeed a lioness and her day has come. With the RHOT Reunion up in the air, Kara took to the skies… and to the stars. Move over Kris Jenner, there’s a new reality mom in town. Real Housewives of Toronto’s petite protagonist reunites with Kyle Richards and other Bravolebrities.

Shortly after, she hustles with the hustler. It’s RHOBH and QVC sensation, Lisa Rinna.

The 24th Annual Race to Erase MS Gala was next on Alloway’s agenda. This star-studded event by Nancy Davis is the primary source of revenue for Erase MS. Sponsorships and seating range from $1000 to $100,000. This year the organization honors Jamie-Lynn Sigler of “The Sopranos” with its Medal of Hope Award. To raise funds and awareness, both Davis and Sigler are public with their diagnoses.

Kara shared with fans on Instagram Live a taste of the entertainment, legendary rock band Chicago. obtained these exclusive pics live from the Gala. Don’t stop believing.

Dr. and Mrs. Dubrow from RHOC welcome Alloway at the Beverly Hilton
Kara Alloway with Las Vegas Palms Princess and RHOBH alum Adrienne Maloof
RHOBH’s The Real Camille Grammer
Kara fits in

These ladies are anything but pernicious or morally-corrupt (if I may borrow those words from the RHOBH dictionary – thanks, Camille). They live a life of charity where Alloway fits in nicely.

The first Canadian casted by Bravo is Real Housewives of Orange County’s Lydia McLaughlin. McLaughlin (nee Stirling) is originally from Newfoundland and appeared on season 8. Lydia returned to RHOC this year for season 12.

Canada’s OG of the OC flew to Iceland yesterday, shares Lydia’s mother Judy Stirling. Judy was a fan favorite in season 8 of RHOC. Her family is inspirational and iconic in Canadian culture. The Stirlings also race in the global charity circuit, but never forget their roots.

“I’m coming to NL in June to help out with the Janeway Telethon. My son Jesse will be doing the telethon too,” says Judy.

Lydia’s brother Jesse is a tv personality. He hosts Meetings With Remarkable People on NTV.

My love posse

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“Moving to California from Canada was easy,” says the Orange County mom. “We knew a lot of people there and they knew the Stirlings. The Real Housewives has really helped maintain our presence at home and abroad.”

What’s next for Kara Alloway? Will we see more of her on Slice… or Bravo? Stay tuned.

Kara’s complete Race to Erase MS look can be found below.

Giambattista Valli
Giambattista Valli
Sonya Rykiel
Alexandre Birman

Alloway’s LA-Cation Away (pt 1)

“I haven’t even packed yet,” says Real Housewives of Toronto’s Kara Alloway at a liquid lunch on Sunday. “I leave for LA in the morning.”

Alloway, a native of Ontario, is no stranger to Lala Land. “I used to live with Kyle Richards,” she says. “We were in acting classes together. We studied under John de Lancie from Star Trek fame.” It was at La Scala with Kyle when Kara met Skinnygirl mogul Bethenny Frankel.

Happy birthday @bethennyfrankel ❤️friends for more than 2 decades …love you XXOO 1992

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Kara comments on other Real Housewives connections. “Jill Zarin has reached out to me. She’s doing a new show with Joyce Giraud, such lovely women,” she gushes.

When asked her reasons for travelling to Los Angeles, Alloway says she has a production meeting of her own. “I’m meeting with producers about a project that is six years in the making. Real Housewives of Toronto has helped push this production meeting in fast forward. Thank you, Real Housewives of Toronto!”

Contrary to popular belief, Kara has a drink just like anyone else. “Let’s have a glass of bubbles,” she giggles. “It’s a square meal in a round glass. I like shots and wine just like the other ladies. But Kyle advised me not to drink on camera. And I believe that’s sound advice.”

Squashing all rumours about her reluctance to attend a reunion she plans on leaving room in her suitcase for a designer dress. “I would love a RHOT reunion. I’d wear yellow. It’s such a bright and fun color for me right now. I’m definitely buying a new yellow bag in LA… Lala Land yellow.”

What does Alloway expect from a RHOT reunion? “The truth,” she says… sips champagne.

What does she expect from LA? Kara plans to attend the newly-opened Felix in LA with international restauranteur Janet Zuccarini. “Janet is a friend of mine. We were child actresses and co-starred in Jacob Two-Two Meets The Hooded Fang by Mordecai Richler. I’m also meeting with Canadian Grammy winner Adam Messinger while I’m there.”

With her sights set on stardom, she keeps both feet on the ground. Humility and humanity are her handles on life. “Charity is my passion,” shares Kara. “I consider myself a conduit for donations.”

On that note, Alloway agreed to help partner with on an upcoming food drive for the local HIV/AIDS community. Fruits and Vegetables Endowment (FAVE) will launch this fall in Toronto. has successfully executed food drives for AIDS VANCOUVER with RHOV’s Ronnie Negus, Reiko Mackenzie, Robin Reichman, Jody Claman (plus Neda Kalantar and Bif Naked). We look forward to feeding hundreds more families via the Real Housewives brand in Canada.

Alloway’s the queen of pop-culture. Meeting her was like blowing Bubbalicious between Helen Gurley Brown quotes. Kara remembered my birthday and brought a present (from YSL). She even put me in her birthday app and promised an autographed Mamma Agata cookbook. She refused to give me her latest novelty phone case. Her Windex bottled iPhone is notorious since episode 8. Sipping tea over a round of Real Housewives Guess Who she exclaims, “Is your person Kyle!?”

Is your person Kyle?!

Kara for the win.


RHOT: Building Brand & Body

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Bro, do you even Joga?

Real Housewives of Toronto Jana Webb takes us on an exclusive experience at Joga House. Webb has a background in kinematics and a future in greatness. “I surround myself with greatness,” says the entrepreneur. “Everyday I seek and meet new opportunities for growth and success.”

Her professional growth is directly proportional to her personal strength. Webb experienced a traumatic auto injury while training baseball players in Dominican Republic last year. Jana instructed her first Joga class of 2017 to on Saturday. Her fresh face complemented the sleek and sexy studio that is Joga House at 208 Bloor St. West.

“This is the first class I’ve instructed in months,” she says. “It feels great to be back.”

Joining the class were Big Brother Canada houseguests Ramsey Aburaneh and Aneal Ramkissoon. Toronto Argonaut Tyler Holmes was also in attendance. Webb’s roster of Joga clients includes more than just CFL players and reality royalty. During the day, Jana received calls from new MLSE clients and drop-ins from local supporters. In short, she puts the busy in business (and the hot in RHOT).

The Joga founder credits some success to RHONYC Bethenny Frankel. “I met Bethenny while training a client in the Hamptons,” says Jana. “We hung out for the day and the Skinnygirl story inspired me.

Tamra Judge of Orange County has also branded a business on the Real Housewives franchise. “Opening Cut Fitness has been one of the most challenging things I’ve done in my life. It’s seven days a week. It’s hard work. It’s a lot of stress and it’s a lot of babysitting,” says the RHOC star. “The studio is basically my life. It’s like having a new baby.”

Jana, a single mom feels the same. “I have an amazing staff and trained Joga coaches all over the country,” she says. “But I am involved in every step of their success. I support my staff and they support me. We believe in working hard and playing hard too.”

Ramsey Aburaneh, a soccer player from Big Brother Canada says, “I’ve done regular yoga and hot yoga but nothing compares to Joga. I wish I would have practiced Joga before those BBCAN endurance comps. Jana takes strengthening mobility and stability to a whole new level. As an athlete, this is perfectly tailored to our active movements and muscle dependencies.”

Aneal Ramkissoon says, “Joga would be the best Big Brother competition.”

Webb talks about the differences in Joga vs yoga. “We concentrate on conditioning the hands and feet,” she says. “Athletes rely on those limbs and need them to be efficient and functional on the field. Joga engages those deep core muscle groups people are not used to using.” Toronto Argonaut Tyler Holmes agrees. Holmes felt the burn and likewise promised to return.

When asked if she would return to RHOT the Joga founder says, “100% It’s been one of the greatest experiences in my life.” Until then, catch Jana at Joga House in Toronto and Tuesdays on Slice.

RHOP: Who Dated Drake?

Real Housewives of Potomac Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and Robyn Dixon lit up the Bravo Clubhouse with Andy Cohen last night.

Dear Andy, Canada needs to know… WHO’S THAT GIRL?

Charrisse (aka Cha Cha) recently serenaded exclusively with the lyrics to O Canada. When asked her favorite thing about Canada, RHOP’s OG rapper says, “Drake”. Standing on guard for thee, she spilled all the tea.

“My niece dated Drake,” says Charrisse. She withheld the name but introduced us to a girl with curls. “Isn’t she cute,” teases the RHOP.

Robyn Dixon responds to, “Her name is Donna.”

Mary Pickford: Gurl With Curls Turns 125

Born Gladys Smith on April 8, 1892 at 211 University Avenue in Toronto, Mary Pickford is a Canadian legend in film and fashion. Rising to stardom in the early 1900’s, Mary Pickford was dubbed “Queen of Films”. She won a Best Actress Oscar for Coquette (her first role in sound).

Mary Pickford was one of the 36 founding members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and is ranked by the American Film Institute as one of the 25 greatest female actresses of all time. The screen siren went on to win an honorary Oscar in 1976, three years before she passed away.

Despite her Canadian heritage, Hollywood was home and America embraced her as their sweetheart. Mary founded United Artists studios with Charlie Chaplin. They were both the biggest stars of the 1910’s when she earned an astonishing $10,000/week.

Mary Pickford (nee Gladys Smith) would have been 125 years old today.  This was a typical celebration for Pickford 99 years ago.

To honor her birthday and memory, fans may visit a permanent statue near her birth place on University Avenue in Toronto. Those south of the border may find her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Pickford was among the first three celebrities to imprint their hands and shoes in the cement outside the famous Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd.

Mary Pickford’s 125th birthday is remembered on Google‘s homepage today.




The Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards took place in Toronto last night. Ladies lit the red carpet afire. Free-flowing fabrics draped like capes. The biggest trends were eyeliner and embellishments. Sultry became seductive with that smokey eye. Classic black with hints of navy and violet were brightened by gold jewelry.

Here are the five MUST-SEE looks of the night.

5. JESSICA MULRONEY (Canadian Royalty)

#cafa ready

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4. JOAN KELLEY WALKER (Real Housewives of Toronto)


2. COCO ROCHA (International Supermodel)

1. JEANNE BEKER (Journalist, Writer, Producer)

The Fashion Television vet shares her style secrets with FemmeFoyer.  “On my shoulders is a fur shrug by Joeffer Caoc,” says Beker as she details the completion of her look. “Pearls are my own. Earrings by Me and Ro from the ’90s!”

Beker’s career in fashion began before her vintage pieces were created. A recipient of the Canadian Screen Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award, Jeanne still appears on red carpets and magazine covers around the world. The media mogul always takes time at events like CAFA to speak with fans and fashionistas. Sa joie de vivre est toujours en vogue!

Guess Who’s Coming to Dorinda

MSVU Art Gallery reflects the University’s educational aims by devoting a significant part of its activities to the representation of women as cultural subjects and producers. Exhibitions and programs are funded in part by Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture, and Heritage, and by the Canada Council for the Arts. FemmeFoyer featured two pieces in the University’s recent Community Show. One addressed wage inequality for women and the reality of being a housewife. It caught the eye of Andy Cohen, plus Real Housewives of New York City’s Dorinda Medley.

Dorinda says, “I want this for our RHONYC trip!!!”

Upon receiving her custom copy Medley said, “Omg just received the package. Bethenny is going to die. Thank you so much.”

Guess Who else loves a Real Housewives version of the classic game? Phaedra Parks (RHOA), Gina Liano (RHOM), Mary Zilba (RHOV), Louise Wallace (RHOAKL) and popular fan account @irealhousewives.

The custom copy sent to New York included RHONYC dogs Cookie and Coco… so the ladies could legit ask, “Is your person a bitch?”

Catch the new RHONYC Season 9 Wednesdays on Slice.

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