Photo by George Pimentel

With a frost warning from Environment Canada, we thought Toronto couldn’t get any cooler. Enter CTV’s Ben Mulroney and wife Jessica. The power couple opened up to about gender roles in parenting.

A male student at Canada’s female university, had a special interest in the Mulroney’s expectations of a girl.

“I’m a boy… I loved Barbies and pink. My mom didn’t see that one coming,” says “Would you be just as happy if she were playing with trucks in the mud?”

Mrs. Mulroney says, “Yes, I play with trucks with her too and it brings me as much joy. The mud, not so much.”

Husband Ben is just as playful. “She also loves Iron Man, The Hulk, and Batman,” shares the etalk host. “She watches Moana in the morning and Superman in the afternoon. For the record, so do I.”

“Cartoons just aren’t the same as they were in the eighties,” says “We want a She-Ra reboot,” Ben agrees.

In a home with twin boys, a little girl must learn to play both roles. Sharing toys and pop-culture is not only easy on the wallet, it’s easy on the inventory and tidying. It also allows a child the opportunity to imagine and explore their interests at an early age. Mulroneys make me proud to be Canadian.

Last year we saw parents in the US protest Trump’s policies on transgender washrooms. Locally, the opposite was happening. ABC News featured the Canadian high school football team that welcomed its first transgender player. I am not transgender nor am I labeling others. From my own personal experience, I can say that growing up without borders made me a happier child and more secure in who I am today.