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The Athena X of today took lifetimes to create, but just seconds to answer our call.

Athena X Levendi and Lisa Oldfield formed an alliance on Real Housewives of Sydney and remain close today. “Would love to do an interview but I’m swamped at the moment,” says Oldfield, the corporate queen of RHOSydney. BFF Levendi steps in.

Levendi delivers her own style of drama and dresses, usually doused in someone’s drink before the episode is over. Where they sling champagne, we spill the tea. Athena X spills it all to with her take on the RHOSydney Reunion, co-star Victoria Rees, and RHOToronto.

Singapore Sling has a whole new meaning thanks to the #RHOS! ?

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The explosive season finale of RHOS has us imploding for next week’s reunion on ArenaTV. With everyone’s safety in mind, champagne and glassware is noticeably absent from the preview. Levendi says, “The reunion was very controlled and very passive-aggressive.”

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This season we watched Athena X and Victoria go at it from day one. Personality clash is an understatement. In Athena X’s first scene she meditates. In Victoria’s opening scene she says, “I’m dying for a drink. I had vodka for dinner… less calories than a banana.” No surprise she ends the season on a similar note.

“Victoria was intoxicated,” spills Levendi. “…and I didn’t like how it played out.”

“She’s better for a funeral,” says Oldfield.

Levendi buries it with a spiritual note, “It’s in the past for me now. Namaste.”

On Instagram live last Friday, Athena X was undecided if she would return for a second season. “The show didn’t capture the real Athena X,” she says. “I’m secure in who I am and don’t need any more misperceptions.”

The unspoken and eighth Real Housewife of Sydney is Shelly (Lisa’s 10ft Copperhead Python). Should any of the ladies leave the show, Shelly makes the perfect replacement. Levendi suggests Shelly’s tagline: “I have no spine, but I speak my mind.”

In other reunion news, the Real Housewives of Toronto’s season finale is just around the corner. Rumor has it the reunion will be an individual interview for each of the ladies. However, they’re bringing the Canadian thunder to down under. RHOT’s Roxy Earle is excited to build her international fan base in Australia.

Athena X Levendi says, “I guess I will watch it. Go Canada! Hope it’s as sassy as RHOS.”

Real Housewives of Toronto airs Sunday, May 21 on Arena TV in Australia.