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Bro, do you even Joga?

Real Housewives of Toronto Jana Webb takes us on an exclusive experience at Joga House. Webb has a background in kinematics and a future in greatness. “I surround myself with greatness,” says the entrepreneur. “Everyday I seek and meet new opportunities for growth and success.”

Her professional growth is directly proportional to her personal strength. Webb experienced a traumatic auto injury while training baseball players in Dominican Republic last year. Jana instructed her first Joga class of 2017 to on Saturday. Her fresh face complemented the sleek and sexy studio that is Joga House at 208 Bloor St. West.

“This is the first class I’ve instructed in months,” she says. “It feels great to be back.”

Joining the class were Big Brother Canada houseguests Ramsey Aburaneh and Aneal Ramkissoon. Toronto Argonaut Tyler Holmes was also in attendance. Webb’s roster of Joga clients includes more than just CFL players and reality royalty. During the day, Jana received calls from new MLSE clients and drop-ins from local supporters. In short, she puts the busy in business (and the hot in RHOT).

The Joga founder credits some success to RHONYC Bethenny Frankel. “I met Bethenny while training a client in the Hamptons,” says Jana. “We hung out for the day and the Skinnygirl story inspired me.

Tamra Judge of Orange County has also branded a business on the Real Housewives franchise. “Opening Cut Fitness has been one of the most challenging things I’ve done in my life. It’s seven days a week. It’s hard work. It’s a lot of stress and it’s a lot of babysitting,” says the RHOC star. “The studio is basically my life. It’s like having a new baby.”

Jana, a single mom feels the same. “I have an amazing staff and trained Joga coaches all over the country,” she says. “But I am involved in every step of their success. I support my staff and they support me. We believe in working hard and playing hard too.”

Ramsey Aburaneh, a soccer player from Big Brother Canada says, “I’ve done regular yoga and hot yoga but nothing compares to Joga. I wish I would have practiced Joga before those BBCAN endurance comps. Jana takes strengthening mobility and stability to a whole new level. As an athlete, this is perfectly tailored to our active movements and muscle dependencies.”

Aneal Ramkissoon says, “Joga would be the best Big Brother competition.”

Webb talks about the differences in Joga vs yoga. “We concentrate on conditioning the hands and feet,” she says. “Athletes rely on those limbs and need them to be efficient and functional on the field. Joga engages those deep core muscle groups people are not used to using.” Toronto Argonaut Tyler Holmes agrees. Holmes felt the burn and likewise promised to return.

When asked if she would return to RHOT the Joga founder says, “100% It’s been one of the greatest experiences in my life.” Until then, catch Jana at Joga House in Toronto and Tuesdays on Slice.