As Mike Posner takes a pill in Ibiza, Real Housewives of Toronto’s Kara Alloway takes a spill in Muskoka. Sadly, pills are not enough to cure her summer setback.

“I took the T3,” she says. “But the pain is actually getting worse.”

Co-star and entrepreneur Jana Webb is familiar with mobility and kinematics. The JOGA founder says, “I educate participants about the mechanics of the body, how to move within the body’s limitations, and overall awareness of body intelligence.” Naturally, when one of the ladies suffers an injury Webb wants to know more.

“I felt like I had been punched,” says RHOT Kara. “I went to go see my doctor and he said it sounded like a rib fracture.”

Nurse Alloway explains the difficulty in diagnosing her broken rib… or ribs? We forget.

Here’s the receipts.