Real Housewives of Sydney’s Athena X Levendi called out co-star Krissy Marsh in a who wore it best post on Instagram.

“I never feel intimidated by other women because I’m always the best dressed woman in the room,” says Levendi. “I want everybody to look at me and actually see a Greek Goddess.”

Athena X expresses her artistic side through eccentric fashion. “I have a crocodile handbag that was gifted to me by the Prince of Arabia,” she teases.

Can’t wait to see it.

“Her thing is to wear something that no one else is going to wear,” says RHOS Victoria Rees. “I can tell you right now, she has achieved that 100%.”

Call the Fashion Police. Did Nicole Kidman steal AXL’s look?

We called Toronto fashion blogger, Casey Wagar of Canada’s Fancy Bro had this to say:

Levendi’s incredible vintage necklace is similar to the legendary green sequin Gucci dress with parrot embellished shoulders Nicole Kidman wore recently to the SAG Awards. The necklace is also something Elizabeth Taylor would have loved – which automatically makes it special… and vintage Lacroix is fancy!

Wagar is on point in recognizing iconic pieces and people. Vanity Fair paid homage to Taylor’s taste for parrots in 2014. The magazine featured Jennifer Lawrence channeling classic Helmut Newton.

To settle the score, Liz wore it best.

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