At 220 King St. West you’ll find Los Colibris. Serving us Mexican chic from menu to decor, it fits the lifestyle of Roxy Earle. Real Housewives of Toronto invited cast and viewers (here’s lookin’ at you, Kara) for a few rounds of “The Roxy”. We contacted the exquisite, exotic, erotic establishment for its secret recipe. And by establishment, we mean Roxy.

“It’s a red wine sangria topped with ginger ale I believe,” says Earle.

Los Colibris confirms the ingredients with its bartender:

  • Sparkling Lemonade
  • Vermouth
  • Red Wine
  • Top with Lemon Foam &

“I did Ann’s drink a Roxy but with white wine base,” says the RHOT.

Roxy Earle has a taste for tequila. She shares her sentiments on the sauce, “I like a tequila and soda or good margarita from Los Colibris.”

Roxy’s top three tequilas?

“I love Clase Azul“, she says. “That’s my tequila of choice… and Tromba… and Casa Migos.”

Roxy Earle also loves a good red Italians Barolo Amarone, “I drink those with Ann as we both love good red wine.”

Tune in on Tuesday to see the ladies raise a glass for Roxy’s birthday… at Kara’s?!