Photo: Hello! Canada

Meghan Markle’s menstruation essay in Vogue has inspired a Canadian university.

Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia identifies as Canada’s female university. A pioneer in Women’s Studies (and a boutique destination for exclusive degrees), MSVU’s student body has moved from 100% to approximately 80% female in the past 50 years. Men were admitted to attend classes at MSVU in 1967. Today, the university’s Health Office offers free Always products to all students… including men.

Some female students are embarrassed to ask for the free samples, yet admit to FemmeFoyer they are a necessity. These students are encouraged to overcome their fear but still have the option of sending a boy or girl to pick up products. Fittingly, the MSVU Health Office’s campaign is engineered by a boy.

Since its inception in 1873, MSVU has contributed a convent, schools, an orphanage, and health care facilities throughout the Halifax area, as well as across North America.
MSVU Health Office offers free flu shots, STI testing, contraceptives, skincare, smoking cessation samples, and more. For more information on the MSVU Health Office please visit