Real Housewives of Toronto is criticized for being “too nice” when compared to other cities. All the ladies are happily married but one. Ironically, the single lady is “the nice girl” Jana Webb.

Reality tv has left many a housewife (or husband) high and dry. Some call it a storyline. Others call it the “Housewives Curse“. ALL of the Real Housewives of Vancouver split from their husbands shortly after the show wrapped. Amanda and Kyle (a souvenir from rehab) also broke up. Reiko moved into the lady pond, Christina moved into a South Carolina prison, and Mia moved into motherhood. No surprise, they all wore it well. Real Housewives have been known to recover quickly from divorce (or cancer scam, what have you) and find herself dancing to Single Ladies sooner than later… unless you live at Chateau Sheree.

“Corporate Wife” Kara Alloway has been married for 22 years and Ann Kaplan-Mulholland for 15. Very Vanderpump of both – LVP‘s been married for 30+ years, unprecedented in Housewives history. Grego, Joan, and Roxy all rock their wedding rings loud and proud. Geez, girlzzz that’zzz zzzo nizzze.

When The Rev asked if the six from the6ix were “too nice”, the answer is: A housewife can never be “too nice”. However, Toronto could kill us with kindness. I don’t foreshadow any breakups, but a bad edit on tv makes anyone less attractive. Notoriety and celebrity are [apparently] hard to carry in courtship and public. Couple those at home and most couples are headed for Splitsville. ps. Splitsville is not as “nice” as Toronto… or Muskoka.

Where’s the scandal in Muskoka? Joan runs out of burgers and beer? As if! She likely has a McDonald’s and micro-brewery in the basement for when 700 of her closest “friends” visit.

My advice: $tay nice… to your husband$.

This season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the first ensemble cast in the franchise to each have a husband at home. Catch an all new episode of RHOBH before a brand new RHOT Tuesdays on Slice.