Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Eden Sassoon was scolded for meeting (and treating) a stranger named “London”. The ladies of RHOBH have given her heat on warming up to him too much, too soon. Needless to say, no NSA (nor PNP) for LVP.

Wendy Williams offered Sassoon some happy-go-lucky advice on protecting her purse. Asked if she’d seen the episode, Eden said “no omg please tell me”. Sassoon laughed it off with a “Thank God!” when Williams made light of “London”. Wendy joked about “taking from the bottom, not the top”. Sounds a bit gay, but so does an anonymous internet hookup (ps. what did gay men do before the internet!?).

Then Eden took to Twitter… thanks to Oops 😉

She attended the reunion. “Yes luv I sure did,” Sassoon confirms (with three emojis that only I’ll ever know).

Eden says in her most recent Bravo blog, “For me, anything that comes out of my mouth, I’m going to own, so I expect the same from the other women.” When I suggested co-star Lisa Rinna was a hypocrite Sassoon said, “Oh trust me I know”.


The RHOBH rookie went silent when asked if she’d ever been to London, Ontario.

Is “London” in Canada or England?

Tune in tonight to a new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, followed by an all new episode of Real Housewives of Toronto.