The Real Housewives of Vancouver has set the tone (and the bar high) for Real Housewives of Toronto… with one very obvious difference.

Casting (or outcasting) similarities are uncanny. Joan looks like Christina. Grego = Reiko. I haven’t decided if Kara is a Jody or a Mary. If Karachter makes you worth knowing, the petite protagonist has shown a few sides similar to both Claman AND Zilba. Either or, she’s a self-made target.

The music is the same. When I hear it I expect Jody and Mia to fly out in feathers at any minute. I’m not sure if I’m more disappointed when they don’t… or that producers used music from another show. RHOSydney recycled RHOMelbourne’s music, equally upsetting when Gina Liano (RH’s GOAT) doesn’t appear in the intro. Speaking of intros, doesn’t Toronto’s sound a lot like RHODallas?

Those be-ach-es. Now that I know Toronto has sand and surf, I’d consider living there. Jana’s beach life and beach body inspires me to open Vancouver’s first Voga with Vanna (Vanna‘s my dog and I love to vogue).

There is one obvious difference between the two cities and their Real Housewives. There’s not a wrinkle in Vancouver and the ladies are certainly not afraid of procedures.

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Someone had to say it… and I’m glad it was Roxy, not me!


  1. rhot is only 2 episodes in. i’ve been watchung with my oldest daughter and we both think it’s a little too early to judge or make too many comparisons. after all, rhov was quite boring when it first began as well. the entire two seasons essentially focused on the unending feud between mary zilba and jody claman. In between that we saw snippets of he other women’s lives; ronnie’s utter dependency on alcohol, reiko’s fancy cars, christina’s sarcasm, etc. to be honest, I don’t think it would’ve even lasted a second season, if not for jody.

    rhov was basically a practice run and judging by the twitter response, people are liking toronto a lot more! at least the new housewives are actually married, fitting of the term ‘housewives’ and from canada.

    not to mention how the vancouver wives constantly scripted lies about projects they were working on, none of which ever came to be. none of them seem to be up to very much anyway.

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