“Welcome to the world of Lisa Oldfield. One minute she’s breaking down crying to me about her husband and the next minute she’s Greek dancing,” says Victoria Rees on this weekend’s Real Housewives of Sydney.  It was reminiscent of Bethenny Frankel’s breakdown on RHONYC.

“Bethenny has two speeds,” says bff Carole Radziwill at the time. “Wound tighter than a top, and crying.”  Sounds like Lisa Oldfield to me… and by Lisa Oldfield I mean divorce drama.

The RHOS star revealed this weekend that she attends marriage counselling with her husband David Oldfield.  It seems there’s more to this than divorce. In a shocking revelation to the Wentworth Courier today, Lisa Oldfield admits to being sexually assaulted by a taxi driver.  The incident has left her seemingly loveless and in a state of PTSD, consequently damaging her marriage.

Bravo to Oldfield for being brave enough to admit to the assault. Good luck to Lisa in restoring her strength.

“Divorce is really ugly… no one wins but lawyers,” says RHOS co-star Victoria Rees. “But she’ll get through it, she’s a tough cookie.”

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of RHOS: Episode 03

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