It’s no secret that Chris Laurita loves his Real Housewife of New Jersey, Jacqueline.

The Little Kernel entrepreneur also loves Laurita sent support via The Little Kernel today. These Bravolebrities live in the shade yet always see the bright side of darker times (and the company they keep). We’ve watched the family attack autism, Ashlee, allegations, accusations, and augmentations galore (Jacqueline just had her 4th boob job in December, that’s 1 for every nose job Melissa‘s ever had). Now Jacqueline has eight breasts – just kidding. She underwent a breast reduction and switched from silicone to saline.

Photo Courtesy of Jacqueline Laurita

Love her or hate her, Jacqueline Laurita brings the breast, I mean best, in drama. Scenes from season 7 were a snoozefest until she showed up. The voluptuous Vegas vixen will not be returning to season 8 of RHONJ due to salary demands, page six reports. Word circulated that she feared the return of Danielle Staub. Put these two rumors together and anyone would walk away from RHONJ too. Subjecting a family to criminals, convicts, and car chases (Run, Siggy! Run!) is not worth the cost of tolerating Danielle Staub or Melissa Gorga (there’s only one J-Lau in Jersey).

With Jacqueline out and Danielle in, where’s the drama? Maybe they’ll replace Jacqueline with daughter Ashlee (Best. Idea. Ever. You’re welcome.) Perhaps Gia Giudice will take Laurita’s place? She’s old enough to be a housewife, isn’t she? …or at least her boyfriend is. How about Lauren Manzo? RHONJ must balance the scales of injustice in casting (and age) in order to stay fresh. No one likes stale popcorn… adding more butter[face] just makes it greasy.

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