Grego Minot puts the femme-au-foyer (that’s French for housewife) in the latest reality hit, Real Housewives of Toronto. Today the bilingual beauty brings Slice TV realness to CBC Radio… en Francais!

She tells exclusively, “Très fière d’être Québécoise!”

A Real Housewife hasn’t given an interview in French since Countess LuAnn de Lesseps live from St. Barts. Remember the time she “met” a pirate and tried to disguise it in French? That Johnny Depp character from the seafood shack? Dear Countess (now Mrs. Tom D’Agostino), a lot of people speak French… and a lot of people are listening (or literate enough to read subtitles).

And then of course there’s worse… … … dead air.

I’m talking about Louise Wallace’s radio spot with Anne Batley-Burton on Real Housewives of Auckland. I love both of you ladies, but that was brutal. Equally brutal was Angela Stone’s French “intern”, Leah!

J’espere que Grego fera en peu mieux aujourd’hui.

Bonne chance de tous vos admirateurs! Vive le francais! Nous sommes Canada!