America’s Next Top Model is… India Gants

ANTM Cycle 23 wrapped up tonight with a cameo by Canadian Queen Stacey McKenzie. McKenzie hosted Canada’s Next Top Model. Whatever happened to that show, eh? And did we stop searching for Canada’s best models when CoCo Rocha rolled up? To answer the question of who is Canada’s Next Top Model, it’s someone inspired by Stacey McKenzie… and looks a lot like her too!

Just when you thought the biggest country in the world wasn’t big enough for 2 Stacey McKenzies, I give you Aleece Wilson. The Manitoba native boarded a train to Toronto at 18 to pursue her modelling career. She recently killed NY Fashion Week for Marc Jacobs and Yeezy, then graced the pages of Vogue.

Read all about Aleece Wilson in February’s VOGUE

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