9.  https://www.theoutnet.com/en-GB/Shop/Product/Anya-Hindmarch/Wrigleys-Imperial-Spearmint-Gum-elaphe-clutch/548138       (CHA CHING!)

8. Roxy shared secrets with her makeup artist. FLASHBACK: RHOMelbourne when Gina (the GOAT RH) says to Gamble, “it was your makeup artist who started the rumors.

I can see how this will play out on RHOT –  It was the butler, in the kitchen, with the candlestick.


Roxy Earle walking down the street.

6. When Kara refers to Roxy as Roxanne

5. Grego and I have a lot in common except I don’t want kids… just her man (nice catch).

4. Divorce looks great on Jana. “Surrounded by greatness” = Rich fit single athletes. Go get ’em tiger.

3. I love Lola. My poodle hates Lola. I had to cover her eyes to make her stop crying during the Lola scenes. This is going to be tough. ps. We looked EXACTLY like this while watching the premiere tonight:


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2. Joan says, “I don’t see myself any different than anybody else.”

Yeah Jo, we’re so much alike. Call me.

1. QUOTE(S) OF THE NIGHT: “Cheers to drinking behind your husband’s back” said by Ann’s friend whose name escapes me… because like Roxy said, “Something happened to me 15 minutes ago and I don’t remember it.”