MZ of RHOV welcomed the OG’s of RHOT recently on Instagram and used the opportunity to whine about her hypochondriac bullying.  If I had a housewives tagline it would surely be:

“You get what you give, and I reciprocate the best.”  

Mary Zilba, daaaaahling (I know how you love that term of endearment), you put the bull in bullying.  Your welcome to RHOT ladies was about you, not THEM.  Negative attention should not be transferred or confused with bullying, particularly when you get an amazing edit.  Leave it at that.

At 14, I’ve had my nose broken and my property vandalized with the word “faggot” (all in the same day).  I do not believe you were “bullied”.  You were anxious to confront someone who had a real issue with you (for fear of being wrong, it escalated out-of-hand with formal acknowledgment and improper apologies – so shut up, it’s Toronto‘s time to shine).  And if you call cyber-bullying on me, I have to call hypocrite on you.  This is a response, no different than your own Instagram attack on cast-mates.

Ironically, that is what any therapist will tell you. The idea of therapy is what set your bullying crusade in motion.  Meanwhile, it is the first step to resolution and healing when bullying does occur.  Really, there is nothing wrong with seeking therapy for the loss of love, leisure, and livelihood.  I did it.  I liked it.  And if it doesn’t work for you, perhaps you may even fall for your doctor.  The question is:  will he (or she) pick you up?  And if (s)he doesn’t, will you call them a bully?

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  1. Mary is a disappointment! I tried to be her friend on here and was her number 1 fan for over a year after Jody sent me a C&D. I even had a framed collage of her up on my wall at home and bought some of her wine (even tho it tasted nasty) but she just one day stopped replying to my DM’s on Twitter! When my friend Cathy asked her why she said I was too overbearing! I don’t think 7 DM’s and 20 tweets a day is overbearing! Not when you’re a number 1 fan! I hope RHOT housewives are more appreciative!

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