RHOV Alum Ronnie Negus sends her sentiments to the ladies of RHOT: http://www.irealhousewives.com/2017/03/exclusive-rhov-alum-ronnie-negus-offers.html

Here’s the 411 from the 604.  Ronnie is one cool dame.  She shows up with a smile and leaves with a hug.  I don’t even like touches but hers is heaven-sent.  Turning gay men straight and female heads a full 180, she deserves the co-curricular fandom.  At the university level, she inspires me in an all-female institution to be academic, artistic, and athletic.

A+ Ronnie.

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  1. Turning gay men straight? I’m not sure but some might find that a tad insulting. Perhaps you don’t know her personally but I can assure you that Ronnie ‘Sober on Sundays’ Negus isn’t actually the image of perfection that you’re trying to depict. She repeatedly denies culpability in every argument and to this day, still sends shade at Mary Zilba, be it on Facebook or the little memes she likes to send out. It should be know that both Ronnie AND Robin Reichman spent the better part of an evening trashing Mary Zilba on Facebook, days before Mary had made her RHOT Instagram post. Ultimately, none of them are any better than the other and all should move on and go their own separate ways. RHOV is over… maybe someone forgot to inform them?

  2. She could turn me straight! Her and Lindsay Lohan are so scrummy! Although I’m not much good in bed since my car accident 😞

  3. All I know is that I was Jody’s #1 solider and I fought for her on Twitter until people hated me. I used to send her kids gifts but she never would even send me any of her cat food even though I asked. I used to make collages of her and her kids and ex-husband. She wouldn’t even send me autograph. I used to be really mean to Mary because Jody told me too. I don’t know what happened but then I got a letter from her lawyers telling me not to contact her anymore. Oh well I’m friends with Carnie Wilson now and Eden Sassoon. Ronnie was ok to me sometimes but now she’s blocked me and I don’t know why.

      • She probably found the blog through Ronnie’s twitter posts. She tweeted it to a bunch of her friends to gloat about how much you love her more than Mary. There’s nothing Ronnie loves more than people complimenting her and kissing her ass. Be careful of that Linda. Jody had her served with a C&D. Very scary woman.

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